Hello! You’re probably here to see what I’ve published in my career. Here is most of what I written and feel comfortable with (so far).

I’ve added each story below under their respective topic. Although, near the end is miscellaneous, which I am unable to put under anything like policing. I did write for The Knight News at CUNY Queens College and only highlighted stories that I think are important. All of them can be found here.

The oldest story appears first and then it goes down from there. Enjoy.

Note: News-O-Matic stories available upon request. Article link will be available once I am notified.

Climate Change

District judge rules Chevron will not pay for environmental damage (The Knight News; 04/03/2014)

As New York debates hydrofracking, NYPIRG raises awareness (The Knight News; 04/03/2014)

Providing Context for the People’s Climate March (Firedoglake; 09/20/2014) 

A Lively Atmosphere at the People’s Climate March (Firedoglake; 09/23/2014) 

McKibben, Hedges, Klein Sawant and Sanders Speak on Next Steps for Climate Change (Firedoglake; 09/25/2014) 

Slower Population Growth is Not Harmful, New Paper Says (Firedoglake; 12/31/2014)

John McCain Cites Islamic State As Bigger Threat Than Climate Change (Firedoglake; 05/26/2015) 

Pope Francis Calls Attention to Climate Change As Moral Issue in Our Time (Firedoglake; 06/28/2015)

Students walk to pressure CUNY over fossil fuel divestment (The Knight News; 09/17/2015)

Faith groups provide local solutions to climate change (The Knight News; 11/18/2015)

Bolivia’s Lake Dries Up (News-O-Matic; 01/20/2016)

Great Salt Lake Shrinking (News-O-Matic; 04/18/2016)


CUNY financially tied to private prison industry (The Knight News; 03/12/2015)

CUNY invests nearly $5 million in fossil fuel companies (The Knight News; 04/22/2015)

Rally calls for investment in CUNY (The Knight News; 03/16/2016)

Arrests made at rally to defend CUNY (The Knight News; 03/30/2016)

State budget keeps funding for CUNY (The Knight News; 04/13/2016)

Charges of anti-Semitism with activist group at CUNY (The Knight News; 05/04/2016)

CUNY Responds to BDS Activism on Campuses With Move To Control Free Expression (Shadowproof; 07/11/2016)


New Report Highlights ‘Revolving Door’ Between Government and LNG Firms (Firedoglake, 11/13/2014) 

Strike in India Ends After Government Agrees to Demands (Firedoglake; 01/09/2015) 

Coal Use Expected to Rise in Next Few Years (Firedoglake; 01/13/2015)

Obama Administration Officials Not Worried About Drop in Oil Prices (Firedoglake; 01/14/2015) 

US Officials Hope to Steer Countries Away from Venezuela (Firedoglake; 01/26/2015) 

Mexican Believes It Can Replace Venezuelan Oil (Firedoglake; 01/29/2015)

Indian Authorities Stop Greenpeace Campaigner From Leaving the Country (Firedoglake; 02/04/2015) 

Libyan Oil Production Continues to Decline Amid Chaos (Firedoglake; 02/17/2015)

West Virginia Repeals Law Designed by Coal Industry to Help Coal Industry (Firedoglake; 03/03/2015)

Obama Defends Decision Allowing Shell to Drill for Oil in the Arctic (Firedoglake; 05/15/2015)

Senate Report Calls for President Obama to Lift Crude Oil Export Ban (Firedoglake; 06/16/2015) 

Oil and Gas Lobbyists Are Supporting Hillary Clinton’s Campaign (Firedoglake, 07/25/2015) 

Potential Oil Spill Concerns Arise As Shell Begins Arctic Drilling (Firedoglake; 07/31/2015)

U.S. Oil Sails the Seas Again! (News-O-Matic; 01/22/2016)

Solar Power for Pakistan! (News-O-Matic; 02/18/2016)


Professors hope for a contract amid negotiations (The Knight News; 10/22/2014) 

CUNY professors and staff remain without contract after 5 years (The Knight News; 03/11/2015) 

Single Mother Fired After Participating In Fight for 15 Protests (Firedoglake; 05/29/2015)

Almost six years later, no contract for CUNY union (The Knight News, 10/07/2015) 

CUNY union considering strike as contract talks stall (The Knight News; 11/04/2015) 

PSC meeting details upcoming actions (The Knight News; 12/02/2015)

Union urge CUNY for New Contract (The Knight News; 12/02/2015)

A student, a sex worker and a revolutionary (The Knight News; 02/17/2016)

Labor board to review CUNY contract talks (The Knight News; 02/17/2016)

Voting for a strike isn’t easy (The Knight News; 03/30/2016)

Strike authorization vote to begin (The Knight News; 05/04/2016)

CUNY Professors and Staff Consider Future Strike to Defend Public Education Funding (Truthout; 05/25/2016)

Despite Contract Deal, Worries Remain for Some CUNY Professors and Staff (Truthout; 08/02/2016)

CUNY Workers Overwhelmingly Approve New Contract With 94% Voting Yes (In These Times; 08/05/2016)

New Semester, New Contract (DatelineCUNY; 09/14/2016)

Latin America

A Mixed Reaction from the Americans on Gaza (Firedoglake; 08/05/2014) 

Reviewing the Life of Eduardo Galeano Who Passed Away at 74 (Firedoglake, 04/14/2015)

‘Life Is Sacred’ Documents Antanas Mockus’ Role in Colombian Politics (Firedoglake; 06/25/2015)

Former Colombian President Warns FARC Soon to Dominate Country (Firedoglake; 07/10/2015)

Big Deals in South America (News-O-Matic; 01/08/2016)

Dig Deeper: Cuba (News-O-Matic; 03/21/2016)

A Train Deal for Panama (News-O-Matic; 04/22/2016)

The Battle for Mercosur (CounterPunch; 09/30/2016)


Interview: Author Arun Kundnani on How Media Promote Radicalization Myths & Fuels Islamophobia (Firedoglake; 12/26/2014)

Head of Police Union Notoriously Hostile to Reform (Firedoglake; 12/28/2014)

Interview: Author Arun Kundnani on Islamophobia & the Myth of the Liberal Anti-Racist (Firedoglake; 01/08/2015)

Interview: Author Arun Kundnani On Understanding Terrorism, the Surveillance State & How to Discuss Reform (Firedoglake; 01/16/2015) 

Plan to Rezone Flushing West Flies Under the Radar (City Limits; 02/09/2016)

Participatory Budgeting

Building Student Power Through Participatory Budgeting (The Nation; 07/13/2016)

How Communities Use Participatory Budgeting to Shape City Budgets (Waging Nonviolence; 09/28/16)

Participatory Budgeting in Action: An Interview With Filmmaker Ines Sommer
(Truthout; 12/29/2016)


Uruguay to Become World Leader in Wind Energy by 2016 (Firedoglake; 07/06/2014) 

Uruguay to Investigate Crimes of Dictatorship (Firedoglake; 06/04/2015) 

Uruguay Calls for Global Drug Policy to Emphasize Human Rights (Firedoglake; 07/09/2015) 

Sowing the Seeds of War (CounterPunch; 10/08/2015)

Uruguay Continues Investing In Renewable Energy (MintPressNews’ MyMPN; 10/27/2015)

Pragmatic Socialism in Uruguay (CounterPunch; 04/15/2016)