Trumpism in Latin America

In his inauguration address, Donald Trump vowed to uphold his vision of making “America great again.” No longer would political rhetoric rule the day. Rather “the hour of action” would begin. Among the smaller-than-usual inauguration crowd listening to this, there was a person from Latin America who, like Trump, started as a businessman and entered politics supposedly for the people—Edgardo Novick. Novick recently created a … Continue reading Trumpism in Latin America

Uruguay Continues Investments In Renewable Energy Sector

The Uruguayan government recently announced 30 percent of the nation’s electricity would come from wind energy by the end of 2016, the latest in the government’s push for more renewable energy. This is the latest in a series of public and private investments where Uruguay believes it is able to derive its electricity from wind to the point where it can share with its neighbors, … Continue reading Uruguay Continues Investments In Renewable Energy Sector

Potential Oil Spill Concerns Arise As Shell Begins Arctic Drilling

Shell Oil received a permit from the Department of Interior to drill at the Chukcki Sea, which is located northwest of Alaska and south of the Arctic. Amid the controversy of Shell’s presence in the Arctic is the concern of a potential oil spill. Shell is no stranger to the Chukcki Sea. In 1988, the firm spent $300 million to drill for oil only to … Continue reading Potential Oil Spill Concerns Arise As Shell Begins Arctic Drilling

The Roundup for July 30th, 2015

Some smooth Latin sounds for the morning. International Politics Overall – Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, joins The Real News to question U.S. intentions when partnering with Turkey against the Islamic State – President Barack Obama’s tour throughout Africa was just a shaming tour  – Lee Fang: “Turkey’s Political Influence Felt as Washington Turns Its Back on Kurds Fighting ISIS” Middle East – … Continue reading The Roundup for July 30th, 2015

The Roundup for July 29th, 2015

Been a while since punk was on the Roundup.

International Politics


– Secretary of State John Kerry said, if Congress stopped the agreement with Iran, Iran would seek nuclear weapons; FOR THE LAST TIME THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY INTENTIONS

– Of course, Kerry said it would be “the easiest decision in the world” to bomb Iran if they violate the agreement

– Peter Van Buren: “It’s Not a Nuclear-Armed Iran That Israel and Saudi Arabia Really Fear

Middle East

– Because of the Syrian Civil War, it is difficult to come across clean water to consume

– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he looked forward for the release of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard in November

– It was thanks to Israel, not Iran, that an arms race began in the Middle East decades ago

– An Iraqi Shi’ite militia leader criticized the U.S. as not being serious in the fight against the Islamic State

– Meanwhile, militias in the country are training teenagers to fight against ISIS Continue reading “The Roundup for July 29th, 2015”