The Roundup for June 23rd, 2015

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Charleston Shooting, Day 5

– The FBI said Dylann Roof should not be labeled a terrorist; Wh-what?

– It’s thanks to two people, one of them a communist, that Dylann Roof’s website was found; Another reason why we need #FullCommunism

– South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R) also called for the removal of the Confederate flag

– Rep. Gary Palmer, R-Ala., criticized those calling for removal of the flag as “people that have an agenda seeking to exploit a tragedy”

– It is good to keep focus on Roof, but we need to keep in mind the system allowing such hatred to bred; Personally, the outrage about Roof getting Burger King is an example of neglecting the system

– Dave Zirin: “Steve Spurrier Was Right: We Need to Get Rid of ‘That Dang, Damn Confederate Flag’

– Wal-Mart announced it would no longer sell the Confederate flag; Wait, who decided that was a good idea?

– The creator of a white supremacist website and aspiring vice presidential candidate lives in the same hometown Roof lived

– Someone identifying as Roof’s cousin said Roof changed once he listened to white power music and saw a girl he liked date a black person

International Politics


– U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter: The U.S. will provide weapons and other equipment to NATO members

– Gareth Porter: “How the Bush Administration Created the Iran ‘Nuclear Confession’ Scam

– A French official said they would prefer a “strong agreement, a not bad agreement”

Middle East

– A report by the United Nations accused both Israel and Hamas of war crimes during the bombings of Gaza last summer. Hamas praised the report

– Ali Abunimah: “‘Balance’ in UN Gaza report can’t hide massive Israeli war crimes

– In Syria, two boys were tied to a pole from their wrists, done by the Islamic State, after accusations of them eating Ramadan

– A U.S.-led airstrike in Iraq killed a “person of interest” involved in the Benghazi bombings

– The Pentagon said rebels operating in Syria are getting between $250 and $400 per month

Asia and Oceania

– An attack, by the Taliban, took place at the Afghan parliament, but failed 


– While Greece proposed a potential deal to European allies, only time will tell whether they will avert a default

– Russia announced it would cut more money from the budget for the 2018 FIFA World Cup despite costs still rising

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Brazilian prosecutors asked U.S. help to deal with the Petrobras scandal

– The Dominican Republican will gladly give free bus riders for migrants to leave the country

– Mexican authorities jailed 49 percent more minors in this past year

Surveillance Planet

– Blocking your face on Facebook to avoid being detected? Don’t worry, the firm already created an algorithm to move around that issue

– GCHQ in the United Kingdom was able to hack computers with a secret, yet questionable warrant

– It, along with the NSA, subverted all privacy software on computers

– A sub-unit of GCHQ, in spite of officials saying it investigates international terrorism, typically worked on normal law enforcement cases

– A compliant was sent to the Federal Trade Commission over Uber’s ability to track users

– Jeb Bush criticized President Barack Obama for failing to act before data of government employees was stolen

Financial Matters

– Gallup: Only 28 percent of Americans greatly trust banks; Too high

– Professor Leo Panitch joins The Real News to explain geo-political motives behind the Greek negotiations with international creditors

– In Greece, at least 70 percent of mortgages have not been paid

– Vulture funds will still loom over countries for another decade

– Dean Baker: “The Trans-Pacific Partnership, Drug Patents and President Clinton

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Employers often do not respect women who are pregnant and, thus, regulations must be put in place to prevent such discrimination

Politics US

Washington USA

– Gallup: Americans are more likely to vote for a Muslim or atheist for president than a socialist; There is no definition of a socialist by Gallup so it should be taken with a grain of salt

– David Sirota: “Jeb Bush’s Audacious Announcement

– The U.S. government will pay millions to veterans affected by Agent Orange during the Vietnam War

– After the fall of Muammar Qaddafi in Libya, Sidney Blumenthal praised Hillary Clinton’s “successful strategy” in the country

Anytown USA

– Due to a new deal by federal prosecutors, guard-on-inmate violence at Rikers Island will be curbed 

– Two Albuquerque officers who killed James Boyd, a schizophrenic homeless man, were charged with second-degree murder

– The Los Angeles Police Department called for witnesses who saw an unarmed man shot by police

– A settlement in principle was reached between the New York Police Department and Muslims spied on by the former

We Don’t Need No Education

– Once again, it should be noted adjunct professors are over-worked and under-paid

– Saudi Arabian students in the U.S. were told by Saudi Arabia to return home in order to avoid the consequences of a cheating scandal, according to Wikileaks

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– It is possible to help prison inmates with their addictions, although prison authorities have other ideas

– General Mills announced it would no longer use artificial flavors in its cereal

The Second Sex

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch revealed personal details of a a woman sexually assaulted in the city

– Jessica Valenti: “All abortions should be safe and easy, including ones women have at home

– Men in Gamergate cried because John Oliver talked about harassment against women online

A new report found female prisoners in Syria are used as “weapons of war” by the government

Planet Earth

Part two of two with Janet Redman, co-director of the Sustainable Energy and Economy Network, and Blase Bonpane, director of the Office of the Americas, to discuss more on the Pope’s encyclical along with the military and its contributions to greenhouse gases

– Some countries will face new flood alerts as the tides rise thanks to global warming

– A new study found Tea Party supporters use ideology, not science, when understanding climate change

– Santiago, Chile, shut down in a smog emergency on June 21, although it later lifted the emergency

– Authorities in California say many farmers passed a deadline when reporting water cuts

Mixed Bag

Part four of 10 with Robert Scheer, editor-in-chief of Truthdig, about his time as a journalist during the Vietnam War-era

– Good for Taylor Swift to stand up to Apple and demanding royalties for musicians

– Actually, circulation of the $20 bill dwarfs that of the $10 bill, which makes the case to remove Andrew Jackson even stronger

Break Time

My Babe [Tomiko Dixon]


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