The Roundup for June 21-22nd, 2015

A brand new week folks! What are you looking forward to?

Charleston Shooting, Day 3-4

– The site registered by Dylann Roof was discovered and it is very scary considering how racist he is

– Community organizer Kevin Alexander Gray joins The Real News to explain why white supremacy is relevant in discussion in regards to Roof’s attack

– Hillary Clinton: Our “long struggle with race is far from finished”

– President Barack Obama: Both the NRA and public apathy are to blame for failed efforts on gun control

– A Republican lawmaker in South Carolina wants the state to take down the Confederate flag around the Statehouse courts

– Mitt Romney: The Confederate flag is a “symbol of racial hatred” and must be removed

Worth repeating how South Carolina used its state-owned monopoly on violence to kill members of the AME Church in 1822

– The conversation should not focus on how society can be safe and secure as that contributes to the systemic causes of the AME Church shooting

International Politics


– John Pilger: “After Three Years, the Injustice Inflicted on Julian Assange Must End

– Actor Angelina Jolie warned there is an incredible number of people suffering from displacement

– The Islamic State claimed responsibility for a car bomb in Sana’a, Yemen, where two people died; Yikes, now they’re in Yemen now. Considering they’re able to effectively create a quasi-state, this does not bode well

– An Al-Jazeera journalist was detained in Berlin because of an Egyptian arrest warrant

– A French official said the P5+1-Iran deal is still up in the air despite the June 30 deadline

– U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter: NATO must get rid of the Cold War playbook

Middle East

– Glen Ford: “The U.S. and Al Qaida in Love and War

– The wife of an Israeli interior minister tweeted a racist joke about President Obama and later apologized; Haha, “apologized”

– Israel took down a video criticizing foreign journalists for their coverage of the Gaza Strip last year. An Israeli official said it was “misinterpreted

– Despite the growth of “price-tag” attacks by right-wingers in Israel, officials are not doing a lot to stop it

– The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported the Islamic State is planting mines and bombs in Palmyra, Syria

Asia and Oceania

– South Korea and Japan are not getting along and relations may worsen between the two


– While Egypt’s history shows why a military junta is in charge, there still is hope for revolutionary conditions to rise


– Pope Francis: The great powers did nothing during the World War II in response to death camps and today they are consumed by greed

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa, in response to anger among the rich over a new inheritance tax, called for a debate on inequality in the country

An insightful interview with Rachel Nolan, a PhD student at New York University, on La Sentencia in the Dominican Republic

– Toronto Mayor John Tory called for an end to carding, similar to stop-and-frisk here, although activists up in Canada should be cautious


Financial Matters

– Puerto Rico struggles with economic issues originating partially because of the U.S.

– Anne Pettifor, director of policy research in macroeconomics at the City University of London, joins The Real News to talk about today’s meeting between Greece and European leaders

– The Bank of Greece’s head said no deal at today’s meeting would be “insanity

– A new report by the Qatari government found the country can maintain its gas production for 138 years

Labor’s a-Brewing

– State lawmakers in New York passed protections for nail salon workers in response to The New York Times series on exploitation in the industry

Politics US

Washington USA

– Donald Trump is a suspicious character (as if he wasn’t one to begin with) considering the scandal with the fraud-ridden Trump University

– The Federal Elections Commission sued a business person in Utah for illegally donating to campaigns such as of Harry Reid or Mike Lee

– President Obama cannot be described as a coward because he, once assuming office, immediately worked to defend the interests of the ruling class

– In spite of pledging themselves as for labor, some House Representatives ended up supporting fast-track

– Jason Leopold: “A Radical Imam, His Alleged CIA Kidnapper, and Their 10-Year Hunt for Justice

Anytown USA

An interesting look at the social constructions of race and gender in light of recent events with both; This’ll be the last article on Rachel Dolezal, folks. Tired of forced, bland articles on the subject

– Crime is definitely not growing in New York City despite what sensationalist journalists in New York City say

– Sarah Jaffe: “Can Kshama Sawant Build an Actual Socialist City in America?

– An unarmed man in Los Angeles was shot in the head by police officer and then arrested

We Don’t Need No Education

– School may be over for children but places like summer camp are expensive and there are few jobs open

– Good news as Sweet Briar College will stay open for another year thanks to alumna efforts

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Mumford and Sons played in Chicago at the expense of city’s homeless, whom were displaced

– There’s a reason why large agricultural corporations love ag-gag laws: the public is less aware of the suffering involved with production

A new report called for hospitals to reduce its contributions to greenhouse gas emissions

The Second Sex

– Feminists should be wary of supporting globalization for women in the Third World as it is only supporting more exploitation

– Google pledged to remove all searches for “revenge porn” in its search engine

Planet Earth

– Part one and two of an interview with former U.S. General Lee Butler on the dangers of nuclear weapons and why it is important to never give up the fight

– NASA warned, bluntly, the world is running out of groundwater

– In African countries, prepaid meters for water discriminate against the poor who cannot afford such rates

– Authoritarian capitalism in China caused major environmental and social damage to the country

– There will be less days to grow crops thanks to climate change

Mixed Bag

– Henry A. Giroux: “Orwell, Huxley and America’s Plunge into Authoritarianism

– Excellent analysis, once again, by Louis Proyect on the decay of Hollywood leading to horrific franchises and films

– Gallup: Men and women differ on issues they deem morally acceptable like pornography and affairs

– In addition to the benefits created by the ruling elite, empire persists because of white supremacy

Break Time

Fuego [Bomba Estereo]


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