The Roundup for June 19th, 2015

Yikes, my time management is pretty bad at the moment. Never a good idea to carry a lot of projects, but I do like biting more off than I can chew…

In meantime, thank Kevin for the above video!

Charleston Shooting

– In Charleston, S.C., Dylann Roof fatally shot nine people at the Emanuel AME Church because of their race. Roof is now in custody

– Roof’s history is full of admiration for apartheid states like Rhodesia or South Africa

– Before Roof killed those nine people, he said he had to kill because “you rape our women and you’re taking over our country”

– Police in South Carolina say the shooting is a hate crime. Although, it is also domestic terrorism

– Is this due to mental illness? To be honest, it certainly is not a problem of mental illness; Keep in mind mass shooters we’ve seen and heard this past year are all men

– President Barack Obama: We must recognize mass shootings are a unique problem to America that must be solved

– Hillary Clinton: We must confront the “hard truths” in regards to race and guns

– The Republican Party is divided in how to approach the attack in Charleston with some opting to ignore it, while others deal with it through their own solutions

– Dave Zirin: “Charleston’s ‘Mother Emanuel Church’ Has Stared Down Racist Violence for 200 Years

– Indeed, its history should not be forgotten and can highlight the issue of race today

– South Carolina still flying a Confederate flag sure doesn’t have a lot to do with it. Yep, nothing about that

– Ta-Nehisi Coates: “Take Down the Confederate Flag—Now
International Politics


– Pew: Fifty-eight percent of citizens polled across the world view Iran unfavorably; Dang, even Latin America views Iran badly

– Part one and two with journalist Gareth Porter bout the fragile alliance between Turkey and Syria along with Israel’s role in the Middle East

– Seventy countries signed a letter urging the Syrian government to stop use of barrel bombs in Syria

– Russia and the U.S. are talking over ways to figure out who is behind the use of chemical weapons

Middle East

– The Israeli Defense Force announced all of its cyber-security units would be centralized into one outfit

– A Palestinian bled to death underneath an Israeli army jeep. Israeli soldiers just cheered

– Blood money marriages, which trade money or favors for marriages, are rising in Iraq

– U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon: Israel must prevent future killings of Palestinian children

Asia and Oceania

– A U.S. government watchdog group will look into the “ghost schools,” built with U.S. money, in Afghanistan


– Some Turkish civilians fear militants from the Islamic State may have quietly entered Turkey

– In Denmark, the center-right defeated the center-left in the most recent election

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Ezili Danto, president of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network, joins The Real News to talk about the role domestic oligarchs play in the Dominican Republic’s deportation efforts

– After the success of an independent candidate in Mexico, there may be a space for folks to act in elections

– Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro: Donald Trump is a “bandit” and a “thief”; Maduro 2016!

Surveillance Planet

– Australia accessed metadata of Australian users at least 300,000 times last year

Financial Matters

– Michael Roberts: “Nobody’s blinking

– Nicaragua is allowing Chinese capitalists to take land to build a canal, which only serves a particular class

– An emergency summit featuring Eurozone leaders will convene on Monday over the lack of a deal with Greece

Politics US

Washington USA

– Gallup: Forty-seven percent of Democratic voters say they identify as social and economic liberals

– Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., proposed a flat tax, which would ultimately help the wealthy

– The House passed fast-track in a 218-210 vote. This is an agreement with significant costs to the world

– Hillary Clinton: If I was in the Senate, I would vote against fast-track

– The Senate voted 71-25 for a defense bill featuring things like arming Ukraine soldiers

– Lee Fang: “Clinton Campaign Fundraises With Pro-TPP Lobby Firm As Congress Reschedules Trade Vote

– Really good piece highlighting how Jeffrey Sterling went from government employee to jailed whistleblower

– The House rejected a resolution calling for withdrawal of troops in Iraq and Syria

– The campaign team for Donald Trump denied anyone was paid as an actor

– Hillary’s recently rhetoric on voting rights, and mass incarceration, may just be that–rhetoric

– How does Hillary pledge to remove money from politics? Well…uh…no one is really sure

– The State Department declined to say why it would no longer stay at a hotel recently bought by a Chinese firm

– The Federal Communications Commission will subsidize Internet cost for the poorest Americans

Anytown USA

– An Amnesty International report found no state was successful in implementing laws in response to police brutality

– Proposition 47, which changes some felonies into misdemeanors, cannot end mass incarceration in California

– A former Rikers Island guard was sentenced to five years in prison for refusing to help an inmate who later died

– Glen Ford: “Tamir Rice and the Meaning of ‘No Justice – No Peace‘”

– Speaking of the Tamir Rice’s death, why did it take months for investigators to, well, investigate his murder?


Health, Hunger and Homelessness

Secret groups are lobbying think-tanks to oppose the FDA’s recent decision banning trans fats

– Sales of sugary drinks in Mexico fell, no doubt due to the tax on them

– The World Health Organization praised South Korea for containing the MERS virus

The Second Sex

– Treasury Department officials announced Harriet Tubman would be incorporated into a new version of the $10 bill

– Actor Nicole Kidman said Hollywood does not provide the same for women as it does for men

Planet Earth

– Pope Francis I released an encyclical calling for action on climate change. There’s an interview over at The Real News about it, which can be found here

– Catholic leaders and organization say it is time to act after the encyclical

– Naomi Klein: “Climate Change Is a Crisis We Can Only Solve Together

– We cannot pretend major developed countries are planning significant action on climate change. It is in our hands, not theirs

A new study found massive injections of wastewater involved with hydrofracking leads to more earthquakes

Mixed Bag

– The Wall Street Journal will lay off some of its employees as it focuses more on digital journalism

– Brian Williams apologized once again for lying and will move to MSNBC in another role

Break Time

The Sky Is Crying [Lurrie Bell]


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