The Roundup for June 18th, 2015

Heard this on the radio on Tuesday. Liked it.

International Politics


– FIFA President Sepp Blatter hired a former U.S. federal prosecutor to deal with a corruption probe

– A United Nations official pledged the UN would help Lebanon repel any militant attacks

– The U.S. said it is not giving concessions to Iran over the international deal

– Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, criticized a plan by the Obama administration to fight against the Islamic State

Middle East

– The U.S. denied it abandoned Israel, a claim made by a former U.S. ambassador to Israel

– Professor Vijay Prashad joins The Real News to talk about Israel’s report exonerating Israel in last year’s bombings of Gaza

– Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter criticized Iraq for not sending enough soldiers to U.S.-led training camps

– Palestinians do not believe talks with Israel will move anyway should the latter continue with settlementsAsia and Oceania

– Activist Harsh Mander joins The Real News to talk about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his first year in office


– Juan Cole: “Is the Death Sentence on Egypt’s Morsi a Death Sentence on Egypt?

– Human Rights Watch criticized the Libyan government, the internationally recognized one, for torturing prisoners


– The Greeks told the troika the ball is in their court

– Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis: We “will not sign an extension of the crisis”

– The troika may implement capital controls on Greece if the next meeting goes nowhere; Should have done that immediately

– A Russian dissident and oligarch said Russian President Vladimir Putin’s confrontation with the West is all artificial and just done to protect the Russian elite

– An official with NATO criticized Russia’s plans to build more nuclear weapons as “not responsible behavior”

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called for a meeting of Latin American states over concerns of a potential coup in Ecuador

– Anonymous successfully took down some Canadian government websites over the passage of an anti-terrorism law

– After a government scandal involving medicines, the Honduran government seized all hospitals and warehouses to provide drugs to patients

– Good news as a court in Mexico ruled same-sex marriage is legal

Surveillance Planet

– Nearly 600 million Samsung Galaxy users may be compromised because of hackers

– The future of drones in the U.S. may be a “nightmare scenario for civil liberties”

Financial Matters

– A new report found Wal-Mart hid billions of dollars overseas in a tax dodging scheme

– The Federal Communications Commission fined AT&T $100 million for slowing down speed for customers despite offering unlimited speed

– Goldman Sachs reduced the hours its interns work after the death of an overworked Bank of America intern

– While the Federal Reserve believes the U.S. economy is still somewhat strong, they will hold off an interest rate hike until the end of the year

– Interestingly, the number of millionaires in India rose 26 percent over the past year

Labor’s a-Brewing

– A labor agency in California found an Uber driver is actually an employee of the company, which does not make Uber happy

– Michelle Chen: “What Fast-Food Workers Are Fighting For

Politics US

Washington USA

– Chris Hedges: “America’s Electoral Farce

– In New York City, the two major newspapers covered Donald Trump’s presidential announcement. Comically, they both featured viewpoints opposite one another

– Meanwhile, Trump paid actors to be his supporters

– Kit O’Connell: “Bush Vs. Clinton 2016: The Oligarchical Dynasties No One Asked For

– Rick Santorum: An end to marriage equality is needed to protect our children

– Ali Abunimah: “Sole Palestinian dropped from ‘Holy Land’ conference under Israel lobby pressure

– A government watchdog group criticized the State Department for delaying reports to Congress over sanctions against Iran

– Trevor Timm: “Torture is a war crime the government treats like a policy debate

Anytown USA

– Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) denied clemency for a prisoner serving 13 years. What did the prisoner do, you ask? Possessing two joints of marijuana

– A white woman involved with police brutality seen at a pool party in McKinney, Texas, said she did not use any racial slurs despite witnesses saying the opposite

– New York City lawmakers believe bail reform is needed after the death of Kalief Browder at Rikers Island


The Second Sex

A new study found IUDs helped reduce the rate of unintended pregnancies for Millennial women

Good news as a law in Arizona requiring doctors to say abortion can be “reversible” is now blocked

A new report found women who work can have major benefits for their children; I’m not sure, isn’t there issues if they hold two or three jobs?

Planet Earth

A new report found the growth of renewable energy outgrew that of fossil fuels for electricity

– Professor James Boyce joins The Real News to discuss the problem of air pollution in Delhi and potential solutions

– Amy Goodman: “The New Battle of Seattle

An interview with activist Marina Sitrin, who explains the “water wars” in the early 2000s of Bolivia and key lessons from then for now

– Take Kenya, as an example, where water is growing more scarce every year

– Lee Fang: “Solar Rooftop Energy Harms Minorities, Claims News Outlet Tied to Utility Industry

– Ever wonder who is criticizing Pope Francis I for his upcoming encyclical on climate change? Wonder no more with this quick roundup

– Under intense pressure, Denton, Texas, repealed a law banning fracking

Mixed Bag

– Gallup: Fifty-nine percent of Americans identify as sports fan

New research finds anxiety may cause people to feel less empathy for others

– Gallup: Forty-two percent of Americans greatly confide in the Catholic Church

Break Time

1984 [David Bowie]


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