The Roundup for June 14-15th, 2015

A new week begins folks!

International Politics


– An official for the South Africa delegation that got the 2010 FIFA World Cup said he believes the FBI’s recent claim that a $10 million bribe was used to secure the cup

– There was a major meeting between Venezuelan and U.S. officials in Haiti to defuse tensions

– Iranian President Hassan Rouhani: We will obtain a good deal from the P5+1

– The U.S. announced it would store military equipment in Eastern European nations

Middle East

– It speaks volumes that what is happening in Israel against Palestinians can be defined as apartheid, yet the word is taboo

– A car bomb in Baghdad, Iraq, led to the deaths of at least 10 people

– The Islamic State set up large televisions in Ramadi where they show propaganda claiming to take more territory

– Israel announced it would close the probe into the officer who beat up an Ethiopian-Israeli soldier and hand over the case to a disciplinary committee

– Meanwhile, the country defended the bombings of the Gaza Strip last summer as an “imperative necessity”Europe 

– SYRIZA officials are preparing to compromise as the next meeting with lenders approaches

A new poll found SYRIZA nearly 15 points ahead of New Democracy among voters

– Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told his aides to “forget about elections of a referendum” after talks

– Tsipras warned Greek citizens of a “difficult compromise” to come

– SYRIZA should still keep in mind the threat from Golden Dawn in Greece should things become chaotic

– With leftists rising in Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain, the Italian left need to do the same in their country

– Scholar Baris Karaagac joins The Real News to discuss the recent gains made by the pro-Kurdish, leftist party in Turkey and what it means for Turkish politics

– Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan: If no coalition government is formed, then a snap election is “inevitable

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– The situation in Colombia is dire, although there does not seem to be any indication it will get better

– Meanwhile, the government said it killed a FARC rebel commander

A wonderful review of Cuba since the Cuban Revolution and focusing on problems for the country in the future

Surveillance Planet

– Glenn Greenwald: “The Sunday Times’ Snowden Story is Journalism At Its Worst and Filled With Falsehoods

– There certainly are a lot of questions surrounding the claims raised by The Sunday Times

Financial Matters

– Michael Roberts: “Are the Keynesian academics right about Osborne?

– Elites in Europe realize austerity is irrational. Although it is irrational from a working-class view. It is entirely rational from a capitalist class view

– Despite asking for debt relief, the Greeks are told by the Europeans to accept more austerity

– Russia is interested in building a pipeline carrying natural gas to Turkey

– Major Western oil companies, except U.S., will head to Russia for an annual investment conference

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti signed legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2020

– Organizer Jody Mauller joins The Real News to discuss current conditions for union drives and a case of workers who got their job back thanks to the National Labor Review Board

A new study found workers in Australia to be stressed, overworked and overweight

Politics US

Washington USA

– Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI): President Barack Obama must motivate the Democrats to vote for fast-track

– Hillary Clinton: President Obama should get the best deal with the Trans-Pacific Partnership despite the recent House vote against fast-track

Unpaid and full-time interns certainly are Ready For Hillary!

– Mitt Romney: The Republican Party may have two women on its ticket for 2016

– GOP officials are disappointed with Jeb Bush’s lackluster performance so far

Interesting some members of the Congressional Black Caucus voted for fast-track

Anytown USA

– New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, is eyeing the White House in the future and his recent actions over horse racing in the state highlight this

– A police officer who fatally shot Tamir Rice in Cleveland, Ohio, said he had “no other choice”

We Don’t Need No Education

– Ali Abunimah: “Judge orders University of Illinois to release Steven Salaita emails

– The American Association of University Professor voted to censure the University of Illinois for refusing to hire Salaita

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

A new study found folks often go back to the emergency room for the same thing

The Second Sex

A new poll found, again, one in five women were sexually assaulted while in college

– In Iowa, a former security guard fatally shot a woman over the latter’s sexual harassment complaints to management, which led to the former’s firing

Planet Earth

– Scientist Richard Kirby joins The Real News to discuss potential consequences to marine life due to climate change; Spoilers: It isn’t good

– Speaking of global warming, more flash floods will hit Australia because of it

– It does not matter whether we refuse to reduce our meat intake because, regardless, it will happen

– Officials in Texas are preparing for the next drought that will hit the state

Mixed Bag

– Officials with U.S. Soccer defended Hope Solo over her recent domestic assault case

A fascinating, yet sad look at the environment Jonas Salk, who created the polio vaccine, lived in

– More than 2,000 Israeli artists signed a letter protesting the Israeli government’s censorship

Break Time

Brooklyn Baby [Lana Del Ray]


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