The Roundup for June 11th, 2015

A Mexico amigos!

International Politics


– Pew: Civilians in countries a part of NATO mostly blame Russia for the Ukrainian crisis

– FIFA may not be able to remove the World Cup from Russia and Qatar

A new report found United Nations peacekeepers offered supplies to Haitian women in return for sex

A new report found airplanes to be at risk over the Middle East and North Africa region due to the proliferation of anti-aircraft missiles

– Two top members of al-Qaeda say the Islamic State left it in a very disorganized state

Middle East

– A former Israeli official said those behind the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign are the same as those behind Sept. 11, bombings in Europe and even the civil war in Syria

– A Palestinian photographer said Israeli authorities prevented him from receiving treatment for a wound, caused by an Israeli soldier

– The U.S. will send more military advisers to Iraq to fight against ISIS



– Officials at international organization, like the UN, warn Libya it is facing the “last chance” for peace


– Journalist Glen Ford joins The Real News to dispel myths about refugees leaving Eritrea to Europe

– Radicals youths in Greece realize the future is in their hands and new ideas need to be created for the way forward

– The leader of the People’s Democratic Party, the leftist party in Turkey that achieved success at the voting booths, called for a “new way of life”

– The Vatican will create a tribunal to investigate sexual assault within the church as well as failure to follow-up on those cases

– Norway agreed to take 8,000 Syrian refugees by 2017

– In a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Pope Francis I called for a “peaceful” end to the Ukrainian conflict

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Excellent analysis of the Mexican elections, where citizens are growing increasingly frustrated with a corrupt, violent government in charge

– British Prime Minister David Cameron defended Britain’s claims to the Falkland Islands

– U.N. officials called for Peru to think of new strategies to find those who went missing during the country’s civil war decades ago

Surveillance Planet

– Journalist Joel Handley joins The Real News to talk about surveillance technology that police departments across the U.S. are using to spy on people such as activists

– Construction of a”Western intelligence capital” in the UK is at risk in the defense spending fight between the White House and Congress

Financial Matters

– Is there a chance the crisis in Greece will end? Nope!

– Economist John Weeks explains to The Real News the role Germany plays with the Greek crisis

– It is not easy being poor, especially when the status is constantly stigmatized

– Dean Baker: “Economic Growth and the Environment

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Kit O’Connell: “Disabled Texans Depend On Personal Care Attendants Paid Poverty Wages

– Journalist Reese Erlich talks to The Real News about labor violations in Qatar because of the 2022 FIFA World Cup

– Some workers in Iraq are on strike over the lack of paid wages

Politics US

Washington USA

– Jason Leopold: “Releasing Osama Bin Laden’s Porn Stash: The Public’s Heroic Battle with the CIA Continues

– Gallup: Sixty-five percent of Americans say their civil liberties should not be sacrificed to combat terrorism. Meanwhile, 67 percent of Americans trust the government to protect them from terrorism

– Bill Clinton said he was never approached with favors through the Clinton Foundation. He also pledged not to do any paid speeches if Hillary is elected president

A new investigation found Medicare paid for nearly 40 million anti-anxiety tranquilizers

– The State Department said an American was killed in Syria, but did not provide details

– Glen Ford: “Democrats Hope to Bury Black Lives Matter Under Election Blitz

One lesson to take from events in Cleveland and McKinney is how the Democrats are unable to deal with the issue of police brutality

– The Senate may re-ban torture that can stop torture techniques conducted by the Bush administration

– Lawmakers in the House of Representatives who are undecided about a free trade bill are hearing from both sides before the vote on Friday

– Rep. John Garameldi, D-Calif., warned of the “waste of war” if the U.S. spends more money on nuclear arms

Still lots of questions around the death of Usaamah Rahim by authorities in Boston

– The Washington Post created a site devoted to news for all the ruling elites, which is absolutely needed. Yes, definitely needed

– The Democratic National Committee is sending out emails for Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., because they know it will help them with Hillary Clinton

– The Iowa Straw Poll is not as popular as it once was with GOP presidential hopefuls, making organizers behind the poll think of a fresh new way to revitalize it

Anytown USA

– Community organizer Paulo Gregory Harris, a fellow at an organization Don Rojas and activist Sabah Nazer talk to The Real News about the uprising in Baltimore and what it meant for youths

A report from a Californian state agency found the state could save half a billion dollars if marijuana was legalized

Turns out the officer in McKinney, Texas, who pulled a gun at black teens was just stressed after handling suicide calls; Yes, he decided to use a weapon designed to kill or injure after dealing with phone calls relating to death. Totally makes sense

– The Los Angeles Police Department ruled one of the two officers involved in the death of Ezell Ford did not follow the rules, while the other was justified

– It’s legal to discriminate against anyone who identifies as LGBTQ in Louisiana thanks to Governor Bobby Jindal

Investigations by news organizations into folks killed by police are because of major protests happening in the streets

– At least 500 people have died by police this year so far

We Don’t Need No Education

The Real News interviews Marilyn Zuniga, a teacher recently fired over her students writing letters to Mumia Abu-Jamal

– Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., called for college-bound students to have a “debt-free option

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

A new report found female veterans aged 18 to 29 are 12 times more likely to commit suicide than non-veterans

– There’s a major MERS, which stands for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, outbreak in South Korea with 122 cases so far

The Second Sex

– In spite of what anti-abortion activists say, women who undergo self-abortions are being charged and jailed

Planet Earth

– Josh Fox, documentarian, joins The Real News to discuss the latest, questionable study by the EPA on hydrofracking and how fracking is generally treated by the media

– Lee Fang: “Fracking Firm Encourages Industry to Imitate Taco Bell’s Twitter Strategy

– Over in Europe, coal is losing to surging, popular renewable energy

– Scientists from the U.S. and Canada called for an end to tar sands mining

– So far the oil spill in California is costing at least $62 million

Mixed Bag

A new survey found nearly half of parents who make over a million dollars do not disclose their wealth to their kids

– A billionaire finally admits he is afraid of the poor rising up for the heads of the rich

– Dave Zirin: “Two Roads: The Politics of David Blatt and the Passion of Steve Kerr’s Father

– Authorities in Switzerland voluntarily received FIFA’s computer data

Break Time

Ritmo Internacional [Mexican Institute of Sound]


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