The Roundup for June 7-8th, 2015

Another week, another time to post sounds from around the world. Today we start in Cuba.

International Politics


– Gareth Porter: “US / Iran Nuclear Talks as Political Kabuki

– A former Egyptian official said Jack Warner, a former FIFA official, asked for a $7 million bribe from Egypt

– Russia and Qatar may be stripped of the World Cup if evidence of bribery is found

Middle East

– Israel invited the CEO of Orange, the French telecom company recently deciding to not work there anymore, to the country to resolve the dispute

– At least 45 people in Sana’a, Yemen, died because of Saudi-led bombings

– Nafeez Ahmed: “George Monbiot and the Iraq War bullshit brigade: Why the ‘liberal’ defence of the Iraq Body Count falls flat on its face

– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: We must wonder why the world is silent over rockets fired from the Gaza Strip; Later he added, “This will all be cleared up if you just send us more money”

Asia and Oceania

– Fifty years ago the left in Indonesia suffered a major crackdown by the military government, supported by the West



– Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras: “Time is running out for us, time is running out for everyone”

– European Commission President Jean-Claude Jacques: Tsipras failed to uphold his promises

– Keep in mind SYRIZA is not considered leftist in some places as seen in Piraeus where workers go on strike over austerity

– Journalist Dalia Mortada joins The Real News to discuss elections in Turkey and what the ruling party hopes to do once in power; Short answer: Get more power

– Although, the ruling party fell short of its goal and the Kurdish party received enough votes to be in parliament

– An Islamophobic party in Germany achieved a surprising result in the most recent mayoral election

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– In spite of a corruption scandal, the Honduran government continues to find an ally in the U.S.


Financial Matters

A new poll found 75 percent of Greeks wish to stay in the euro. Meanwhile, another poll found nearly 50 percent of Greeks wish for the government to agree to a deal with lenders

– Michael Roberts: “Ten minutes past midnight

– The refusal of the troika to accept SYRIZA’s demand may lead the Greeks to their only option: Leave the euro

– Meanwhile, 26 major economists wrote a letter demanding an end to troika-imposed austerity in Greece and to allow SYRIZA’s demands to be met

– The abandonment of Detroit reveals how damaging capitalism can be when capital flees from a city

– Professor Francois Pierre-Louis and economist Jake Johnston join The Real News to discuss an investigation into the Red Cross and its failure to rebuild in Haiti

– It’s very revealing for The Most Transparent Administration Ever to block access to the Trans-Pacific Partnership

– Galesberg, Ill., is an example of what happens when free trade agreements are implemented. It never ends up well for the citizenry who experience the worst parts

– With America’s trade deficit in the billions of dollars, it is time to establish a sane and practical economic policy

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Labor is weaker than it was many decades ago, although organizing and mobilizing is still possible

– Chipotle announced it would offer paid vacation, sick days and even tuition reimbursement for employees

Politics US

– CIA director John Brennan: Our foreign policy may “stimulate and spur additional threats to our national security”

– Every Republican candidate for the presidency shares something: They are insane

– Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX): I believe China was behind the hack that led to informaiton on federal employees to be stolen

– For the families of those black men killed by police it is difficult to grieve when no justice is given


Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Poverty and austerity can cause serious long-term problems for young children lasting even in their adulthood

– New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R): If I was president, I would uphold laws to make marijuana illegal in all states

The Second Sex

– We may look to Latin America where women are resisting against problems such as climate change

An investigation found abortion rates in the U.S. have fallen since 2010

– Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC): Caitlin Jenner is always welcomed in the Republican Party

Planet Earth

– Thanks to global warming, air pollution is getting worse in Mexico City

– Federal regulators restricted use of another pipeline of the company that allowed an oil spill to happen in California. Meanwhile, the firm believed such a leak was “extremely unlikely

– State regulators, on the other hand, will tighten air quality regulations

A new report found it is possible to depend less on the use of coal without affecting the world economy

– The CEO of ExxonMobil believes hydrofracking can do wonders for Europe, despite opposing it in his own backyard

A new report found China’s greenhouse gas emissions may decline in the next 10 years

– Arizona may face a water crisis, although it may not be as bad as California’s

Mixed Bag

– Louis Proyect: “The Topless Dancer, Slavery and the Origins of Capitalism

– Masculinity is the cause for problems with men in this day of age. The violence, struggles with identity and more highlight this

Break Time

Besame [Mongo Santamaria]


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