The Roundup for June 2nd, 2015

Argh, this rainy weather in New York City is not good for the summer.

International Politics


– FIFA President Sepp Blatter resigned from his position. Former U.S. soccer player Jules Boykoff talks it about it here and Dave Zirin writes about it here

Enough is enough when it comes to drone strikes as it should not decide whose life should be terminated

– The United Nations is, once again, pushing for pause in the Yemeni conflict

Middle East

– The U.S. accused the Syrian government of supporting the Islamic State through air strikes

– Rebels in Syria prefer to give up their arms than fight ISIL at the request of the U.S.

– President Barack Obama: Due to Benjamin Netanyahu’s position on Palestinian statehood, Israel risks losing credibility 

– An Israeli lawmaker from Likud called the BDS movement a “form of terrorism”

– Ali Abunimah: “Why BDS is replacing Iran as Israel’s biggest ‘existential threat‘”

– In the West Bank, drug dealing and trafficking are becoming more frequent

Asia and Oceania

Part four of five with author Christian Appy about the Vietnam War and how the myth that America was a victim of the war got started

– At least 400 people are missing after a passenger boat in China sank due to a cyclone


– The internationally recognized government in Libya asked for help to block ISIS from capturing oil fields

– A U.N. official reaffirmed there is no military solution to the problems in Libya

– Boko Haram militants bombed a city in Nigeria where at least 20 people died


A new poll found six out of 10 Greeks believe a memorandum between the Greek government and its creditors will be signed

– Some SYRIZA members are furious a former PASOK official, who later resigned, was chosen as the representative to the International Monetary Fund

– In a poll of six European Union members, at least 61 percent of respondents favored the EU

– Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pledged to go after the journalists who exposed Turkish trucks sending arms to Syria

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– A new study found Canada underwent a “cultural genocide” that affect indigenous people in the 20th century

– It is suspected an indigenous leader in Ecuador was murdered due to his opposition to a mine

– The Dominican Republic is toying with the idea of two terms for presidents

– Another mayoral candidate was found killed in Mexico as thousands of electoral ballots, in another part of Mexico, were found burned

Surveillance Planet

– In a vote of 67-32, the Senate passed the USA Freedom Act and President Obama signed it. Don’t forget it includes major flaws

– Marcy Wheeler: “ACLU’s Poker Face  [on PATRIOT Act changes]”

– Ever clear your browser information? For Khairullozhon Matanov, tied to the Boston Bombers, it was a mistake that led to federal charges against him

– If the Internal Revenue Service made necessary security upgrades, then there may have not been a severe breach of information in the first place

Financial Matters

– Iraq is set to export even more crude oil, which certainly will not stabilize the market

– Greek Economy Minister Giorgos Stathakis: I expect a deal in the next few days

– To audit all tax evaders in Greece, the government would need 30 years to do so

– Meanwhile, Greek private deposits were at their lowest level since 2004

– The Bureau of Labor Statistics created an informative series of inequality in the U.S., which can be found here

– Who wins if Monsanto and Syngenta merge? Wall Street of course!

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Michelle Chen: “How the Retail Industry Keeps People of Color in Poverty

Politics US

Washington USA

– Wall Street is not happy with Martin O’Malley, a Democratic presidential contender, as his comments against them may push Hillary Clinton to the left

– Thank goodness the Run Warren Run campaign is officially over

– Lawmakers want to remove the last set of restrictions preventing full aid to Egypt

– Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) criticized Mary Jo White, head of the Security and Exchange Commission, for misleading her during a private meeting

– The White House prefers not to talk about its record with FOIA records and would rather criticize Congress for its lack of transparency

– Glenn Greenwald: “For Terrorist Fearmongers, It’s Always the Scariest Time Ever

– We all know Daniel Ellsberg well as a whistleblower, although we must also remember the contributions of Anthony Russo, another whistleblower who helped inspire Ellsberg’s actions

– The CEO of Amtrak admitted to lawmakers Amtrak caused the crash through neglect

Anytown USA

– Baltimore uses a faulty and expensive speed camera system, yet city officials want to restart the program

An interview with activist Opal Tometi, a founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, on the movement itself

– Corizon will no longer be running New York City’s health care in jails by the end of this year

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Good to hear Latin America reduced hunger in the past in the past two decades, although it is still a major problem

The Second Sex

– There needs to be more done for transgender people as the discussion must be both safe and comfortable for transgender folks often facing horrific problems and conditions

Planet Earth

– Steve Horn: “Appeals Court Rules Keystone XL South Approval Was Legal, Lifting Cloud Over TransCanada

– The Obama administration is converting lots of public land for coal mining

– To protect animals, we must also protect those who expose animal abuse and are targeted as a result

– Thanks to Pat Mulroy, Las Vegas was able to obtain lots of water in spite of the potential problem of water shortages

– Arun Gupta: “The Politics of the California Drought

– Meanwhile, a study found California’s drought will cost agriculture $1.8 billion

– Environmental groups sued the federal agency that approved Shell’s permit to drill in the Arctic

Mixed Bag

– Even U2 is sympathetic to the plight of the Greeks as a result of troika-led austerity

– Gallup: Seventy-two percent of Americans say America’s moral values are getting worse; To be fair, this is not new

– The military is still hoping for an Iron Man-like suit to be ready to go

Break Time

Death [White Lies]


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