The Roundup for May 28th, 2015

Today’s song for Break Time is thanks to good folks over at The Struggle Bus podcast. Check them out here!

International Politics


– Pew: Fifty-eight percent of Americans support drone strikes

Part two of five with author Christian Appy on mid-20th century and the role of the U.S., especially in Vietnam

– FIFA President Sepp Blatter: I will restore trust in our organization after the “shame and humiliation brought” on the sport; No, he won’t resign

– European nations might boycott the FIFA World Cup if UEFA chairperson Michel Platini is still in charge

– Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said both Russia and the U.S. are slowly coming to an agreement on what to do on Syria

– The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, a watchdog group, said at least 90 percent of the world’s chemical weapons are destroyed

A new report found women are joining the Islamic State for reasons other than being “jihadi brides.” Such reasons include dissatisfaction with how the West treats Muslims

Middle East

– Economist Shir Hever joins The Real News to highlight apartheid in Israel

– Dave Zirin: “Will the FIFA Raids Scuttle the Vote to Suspend Israeli Soccer?

– Journalist Reese Erlich joins The Real News to talk about the Islamic State’s victories in Iraq and why the battle is very tough for the U.S.

– Al-Nusra, a Syrian rebel group tied to al-Qaeda, was told by al-Qaeda heads not to attack the West

Asia and Oceania

– A “silent” conflict is being waged in Sri Lanka taking land of Tamils

– What does Qatar say about the FIFA corruption probe? Nothing


A new report by the United Nations revealed Sudan declined to help an injured peacekeeper, who later died


– Russian President Vladimir Putin labeled all deaths of troops as “state secrets” during peacetime

– Meanwhile, Putin accused the U.S. of “meddling” into the affairs of FIFA and believed the probe was to take the 2018 World Cup away from Russia; Yes. Totally that. 100 percent

– Spain will investigate the head of Boko Haram over charges of terrorism and crimes against humanity

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Folks in Paraguay will demonstrate against the recent rejection of an abortion for a 10-year-old girl who was raped

Surveillance Planet

– Kit O’Connell: “Department Of Justice Flying Secret Airplane Fleet Over American Cities

A new report found the generation most at risk for hacking is Millennials

– There are even some within the NSA that do not support the “collect it all” mentality

Financial Matters

– Economist Michael Hudson joins The Real News to explain why it’s important to shoot down fast track of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Also, in this separate video, Hudson speaks about what’s happening in Greece

– Visa, a sponsor of the FIFA World Cup, threatened to end their partnership if FIFA did not make any changes

– Uber and Lyft oppose new regulations by authorities in New York City

Politics US

Washington USA

– ExxonMobil denies it ever lobbied the government to lift Iran sanctions because come on that’s ludicrous

– The American Petroleum Institute is pleased with a bill introduced in Congress to lift the ban on crude oil exports

Part two of a series about the 30th anniversary of the MOVE bombing in Philadelphia

– Glenn Greenwald: “Anonymous Fear-Mongering About the Patriot Act from the White House and NYT

– George Pataki, former governor of New York, announced his bid for the 2016 presidency for the Republicans

– It might have been a faulty technical process, rather than human error, that led the Pentagon to accidentally ship anthrax to laboratories in the U.S.

Anytown USA

– Will the deal with the Justice Department help Cleveland. Eh, it is doubtful

– Also, it is doubtful policing can make an impact in Baltimore. The situation is more systemic

– Dahr Jamail: “Oscar Lopez Rivera: Will Obama Pardon This Political Prisoner?

– The office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will no longer delete emails after 90 days

A new report by the ACLU found blacks in Minneapolis are nearly nine times more likely to be arrested for petty crimes than whites

We Don’t Need No Education

– Canary Mission, a right-wing group, seeks to ruin the lives of Palestinian supporters by revealing their affiliations

A new report finds job prospects for college graduates are poor and it’s worse for women in terms of pay

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Gallup: Sixty-eight percent of Americans support doctor-assisted suicide

– Scientists may have found a potential treatment to deal with breast cancer

The Second Sex

– Jessica Valenti: “Worldwide sexism increases suicide risk in young women

– FIFA 2016, a best-selling sports franchise owned by EA Sports, will include, for the first-time, women’s national soccer teams

Planet Earth

A report from the UN called for finance to undergo a major change due to climate change

– Farmers are not only resisting the behemoth known as Monsanto, but global warming as well

– A campaign was announced in India to warn people about the heat wave as more than 1,500 people died as a result of it

More flooding may hit Texas as the National Weather Service warned

A new report estimated there would be a drop in West Virginian coal production

– Norway will no longer invest in coal companies due to concerns over global warming

Mixed Bag

– There still is snow in Boston despite the summer almost near

– The head of Chobani announced he would donate half of his wealth to charity

Break Time

17 Again [Eurythmics]


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